Phil Whichello BSc (Hons) MSc CPsychol AFBPsS UCKP Registered

I am a chartered occupational psychologist, a registered psychotherapist and have nearly twenty years experience working in business. 

As an executive counsellor, I work with individual executives to help them make sense of their world and to get more out of life. I provide a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space where people can explore their thoughts, feelings and experiences in order to move forward with more freedom and energy. 

The focus of the conversation is personal rather than business. However, my clients usually find that through improving themselves personally their work also improves. 

Typical issues I encounter and work with are:

  • Stress: Feeling burnt out or overwhelmed by work-life, uncertainty about the future
  • Trauma: Recent or historical sexual / physical / bullying
  • Mid-life crisis: Lack or loss of meaning in life, low motivation for life
  • Depression: Low self-esteem, mood swings, panic attacks, anxiety
  • Addictive behaviour: Alcohol and substance abuse, internet, gambling
  • Loss: Bereavement, redundancy, abandonment, illness
  • Eating disorders: Over / under eating
  • Relationships: Loneliness, relationship breakdowns, sexual concerns

If you would like to talk to someone in confidence and away from your work, please get in touch.

Phil Whichello